6-week Insight Meditation course

March 4 -April 8, 2020

18:15-19:30, Har Studio, Kreuzberg, Berlin

This offering is for anyone started but stopped. Tried but 'failed.'  Everyone who feels afraid, or curious.  It's for rookies and devotees alike. It's for those wanting to deepen and steady their practice, but also for those  simply wishing to begin. 

Making peace with one's mind can be a truly transformative endeavour. 

Who made us believe we could have pleasure without pain?

Are the voices in YOUR head nice or naughty?

Tedious, hilarious or innovative?

Are you interested in learning more about the core teachings of the Buddha and how they apply to modern life?

Are you curious and brave enough to explore the kind of yoga Patanjali talks about in the Yoga Sutras, the iconic yoga handbook that doesn't even mention Down Dogs and chatturangas? But instead talks about concentrating and stilling the mind? So that we can see reality the way it really is.

We'll meet for six weeks, at the beautiful HAR Studio to move mindfully (although don't expect a full-on yoga class), to breathe, and to connect. We'll put our phones away, try to leave our worries behind, so that we can relax into the present moment whatever it holds. 

We all recognise how important it is to care for our bodies, through the food we eat, the exercise we do. But what about the mind?

Here I'll boldly suggest that the quality of your mind will have an even greater impact on the quality of your life. And the good news is that the mind, just like the body, can be trained and tamed. Through the practice of meditation it's possible to 'shrink' the amygdala, or the 'caveman' part of the brain, associated with fear and anxiety. And to grow to pre-frontal cortex, associated with reasoning and decision-making. 

We will also talk and share our experiences. Our joys and frustrations. Because the company we keep, our sangha, is of uttermost importance. 

There will be meditation homework. It takes time and discipline to create a new healthy habit. And discipline in and of itself is a sign of progress. Let's make this life-changing practice stick.


LOCATION: Har Yoga Studio, Urbanstr. 116,  Kreuzberg, Berlin.


PRICE: €75 + VAT or, if you are a Swanmountain Flatrate-holder, €65 plus VAT. 

Limited number of participants.

If you really want to take part, but have financial problems, write to me about your situation and we'll work something out. Money should not to stand in the way of this.


Email me:

for questions and/or to sign up. 


© 2020 Victoria Larsson