March 2nd, 18:30-20:15

In this online version of the much-loved asana lab we will take a look at asanas in depth, looking at the mechanics and energetics of poses and shapes. Where is their restriction? Compression? If something is unavailable to us, is it a matter of technique? Or strength? Flexibility? Confidence?

I will bring one pose to this workshop, Parivrtta Trikonasana. The rest is up to you!

This is meant to be interactive! I recommend cameras on and positioned so that I can see you. Limited to 16. Great for fine-tuning your home practice. 

€15 or €10 if you have a flatrate. Limited to 16

Sign up directly here


March 21-30th, 7:30 am CET, 60 minutes, via zoom


This is a 10-day little mini-challenge in which we'll meet for an hour every morning to do about 30 minutes of yoga asana practice, plus 10-15 minutes of meditation. The remainder of the time each morning will be devoted to other practices such as pranayama (breathwork), journaling, gratitude, core work. There will be time and space for connecting to others and to share and ask questions.

A follow-up session on April 11th. In between I'll be your accountability partner and give you prompts to keep up the practices that served you.

All sessions will be recorded and made available to all participants in case you'll have to miss a morning

PRICE: €100 or €70 if you are a flatrater. 

Email me to sign up: victoria@swanmountainyoga.de