A deep dive into the magic of movement and the mystery of stillness
8-week online course

Monday, August 22nd- October 10th,19:00-20:48


Before I explain what we will be doing on these eight Monday evenings moving into autumn, I want to make it clear that my main objective for this course is to offer yogis a chance to truly commit. Yoga has enormous healing potential, if practiced right. And the progress on the path of yoga is not measured in how deep your back bend is or how long you can keep your handstand, instead its measured in the quality of your relationships, your gut health, how well you sleep at night. 

 This workshop will focus on the four ways we can move our spine AND as it is my firm belief that yoga asana simply isn't enough to deliver on the promises of yoga, we will practice pranayama as well as meditation every week. 

Discipline and commitment are also signs of progress. Saying no to things you would love to do, so that you can say yes to something that feels truly meaningful.

That said, only sign up if you think you can make it to at least 7 of the 8 sessions (all of them will be recorded because yes, things can and do happen :), and also, to do a little bit of 'homework' in between the sessions.


PRICE: €108 or €70 if you are a flatrater. 

Email me if you'd like a more detailed description or to sign up: victoria@swanmountainyoga.de

Limited to 15 participants as this is meant to be an interactive experience