Moving gently from Midwinter to Equinox

 8- Week Course with Harriet 

8 x Week Online Course
17th January - 20th March 2022 (No class 21st  Feb)
Mondays 7pm - 8pm CET
2 x 90min workshops (dates TBC)
All classes will be live on zoom & available to stream online for the duration of the course so you can practise in your own time
Recommended reading & listening materials
Suggested Self-practice prompts & assignments 

If you're feeling under pressure to make a huge list of New Year's Resolutions, pause and remind yourself that the rest of nature in the Northern Hemisphere is lying low and respecting the seasonal cycles. We live by extremes, stuffing ourselves with cheese, chocolate, and booze over Christmas then diving headfirst into a tee total Veganuary with a gruelling exercise routine and aspirations to be more productive/well read/sociable/fitter than we were last year. Deep down we might know that this Drill Sergeant approach to self improvement in the midst of the cold dark winter isn't the best idea, but it's hard not to get swept away by the self-improvement bandwagon. Is drafting a long list of unachievable goals the advice you'd give a dear friend? Or would you perhaps recommend a gentler more forgiving approach that prioritises longevity over intensity? (Only 10% of resolutions actually last.)

Change is perhaps the only certainty in life, but developing positive and long lasting lifestyle change doesn't happen overnight. We need to go gently, listen in, and respond to ourselves in a kind encouraging tone rather than a harsh punishing voice.

My next course hopes to provide an antidote to over ambitious New Year's Resolutions. Over two months we will move gently from the depths of midwinter to the beginning of spring. Cultivating a greater capacity to move with intuition and autonomy, as we travel with patience and presence towards the light of the equinox.

The form of the Monday evening classes will be 45minutes of embodied playful flowing movement followed by 15minutes of breath work, journaling, restorative, Nidra and meditation on rotation. Each class will be uploaded in full to the online portal so you can catch up if you missed it live or do it again if you want to form a more regular practice. There will also be a separate edited version of the final 15minutes  of each session, so as the course progresses the library of short tools and techniques will expand. You can also choose to just dip into the first 45minutes movement practice if you want to build strength and energy more regularly, perhaps challenging yourself to practice several times a week first thing in the morning. Essentially, you will have the resources to develop a flexible and autonomous practice that suits you.

I invite you to join me on a gradual journey from winter to spring, finding both softness and strength along the way as we ground, energise, and grow into 2022.  

Sliding price scale according to what you can afford. If you’d like to join but none of these options work for you, please get it touch. 

€100 ~ big spender
€80 ~ medium spender
€60 ~ small spender

 €25 ~ super special SMY flat rate price 

Email Harriet directly to book or for more info -

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