Jess Rose Yoga

Jess is a friend and a great traveling yoga teacher. She's a true nerd, in the best meaning. Take class online with her, or retreat it!

My favorite café in Berlin (Neukölln)

Giulia and Martino serve great coffee, home-made chai, awesome Italian-esque coffee and great dolces. They also have great taste in music, their space is really cosy, and the staff always, always friendly. Best of all, many yummy vegan options. 

Super-Duper Massage in Berlin

Jaina offers a variety of awesome massages: Thai/Shiatsu fusion, Reflexology, Deep Tissue, Swedish. 

She clearly knows what she's doing. Every time she works on me, I pray it will never end.


Lois Hansson. Beyond awesome yoga teacher in Gothenburg, Sweden. 

Alina Yoga

Alina is a friend and one of my favourite yoga teachers in Berlin. Her classes are always creative, thoughtful and with a keen eye for alignment.

Authentic Body Control

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Pilates, ELDOA and Myofascial stretching with Sarah. Challenging yet effective exercise to correct posture and alignment and improve joint health

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