I got hooked on yoga in the late 90’s and soon could not imagine a life without it. Soon after I started practicing, I set off on a year-long solo back-packing trip through Southeast Asia, India and Nepal, during which yoga supported me on a classic journey of self-discovery.  I realized then, with the help of the practice, that I had the power and resources within me to become anything I wanted to be – including happy!  I moved to New York City to jump-start a new professional phase in women’s global health. During that time, I practiced incessantly and took workshops with a wide variety of renowned teachers.

Over time, the increased flexibility, strength and awareness I gained through yoga and meditation continued to catalyze internal expansion and gave me the tools to explore myself and the world around me with increasing awareness and confidence. In 2005, I moved to Bali, Indonesia for to work for an environmental NGO.  Inspired to share the yoga teachings and the possibility for transformation with others, I completed a 200-hour level 1 teacher training in with Yoga Arts in Ubud, Bali.   Feeling a strong intuitive pull toward Berlin, I moved there permanently in 2012 and started actively teaching in 2013.  In 2016, I went back to Ubud to complete a 500-hour level 2 training with Radiantly Alive.

I believe that yoga can bring anyone more strength, energy, and vitality to the body and more happiness, confidence and compassion to the mind.  For those with an open attitude and consistent practice, it also helps you to create a life in alignment with your heart’s desire, and to feel a deeper connection with yourself and all other beings.  

I draw on 20 years of yoga practice and study to deliver deep vinyasa flow classes that vary on theme and content. Many classes include focus on strength building as well as the meditative aspects of the practice.  I am an eternal student, and continue to absorb new influences and teachings that I channel into my classes. Having spent years working in the music business, I see music as another way to inspire and connect us, so my classes are often supported by an eclectic soundtrack ranging from ambient electronica to alternative rock to Hindu chants. 

My short term goal is to light up you up with each class.  My long term mission is to support you in your personal transformation in however that might show up for you.

I am also passionate about delicious vegan food and the vital importance of plant-based diets as a way to help secure a thriving future for our planet and our children.  I am co-founder of Ministry of Cultures, a vegan-food start-up that produces high-quality, artisanal tempeh in Berlin.

© 2018 Victoria Larsson