Hi, I´m happy to lead you through a strong asana practice

that invites you to become present in the moment.

I did my teacher training at Spirit Yoga Berlin.

My style is an opening vinyasa, infused with the spiritual side of Yoga.

Reminding you always to take time to look and feel within.

Getting in touch with what happens inside, on a mental and spiritual sphere.

Yoga Asana practice helps us with the outer forms to change our inner form.

Come and explore this beautiful path.


As I am also a musician, I love to use music and mantra to allow us sinking

into the moment even more.


I first met Yoga, when being really young at school.

A dedicated teacher offered Yoga to us and it offered me an entering to a yet unknown

but so needed inner space.

Nurturing this inner space ever since, thankful to all my teachers on my path

such as Victoria who opened new perspectives on yoga for me.

Being so grateful for having Yoga as a tool in my life.


Happy and honored to be part of swan mountain yoga and to meet you!

© 2018 Victoria Larsson