all times  CET (Berlin/Stockholm/Madrid/Rome/Amsterdam)

 MONDAY 7:30 > 8:05 

Mindful movement and meditation

MONDAY 18:00 > 19:15

Sacred Flow (with  Emmeline) start   13/9

TUESDAY 18:30 > 19:30

Fierce Flow

WEDNESDAY 18:30 > 19:30

SLOW YET STRONG FLOW   (with Harriet) 

 THURSDAY 9:00 > 10:00

Flow + Meditation

THURSDAY 9:30 > 10:00

Guided Meditation

THURSDAY 19:00 > 19:45

You Can't Always Get What You Want

THURSDAY 20:00 > 21:00

Yin Yoga

FRIDAY 8:00 >8:45

Pranayama & Meditation 

SUNDAY 10:30 > 11:30



THIS SUNDAY (26/9) 21:00 > 22:00

PROFOUND EASE (yoga nidra)


All times are CET (Berlin/Stockholm/Madrid)

PRICES (please pay according to your financial situation)

Single class - €6/€9/€12 

10 class pack - €50/€80/€110

Morning meditation - €3/€6/€9/€12

30 day FLATRATE - €60

To make the best of your zoom yoga session, I suggest that you put away or turn off your

mobile phone. Light a candle or some incense. Set an intention. If you want to use the playlists I create, I recommend that you play the music on a separate device, if possible. 

Finally, I think it's nice to have the camera on at the beginning and end to say hi and bye, but ultimately that's up to you. During practice you can choose to have it on or off. ​


To sign up for my classes you need a FITOGRAM ACCOUNT. It's free and easy and you can do so by clicking the widget below. Zoom links will be emailed about 15 minutes before class, and you'll also find them in your account.