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COMING IN NOVEMBER : new classes and a new location! HAR Yoga studio in Kreuzberg - details below! 


FLOW YOGA with            + 

Morning - after a slower sequence to gently wake up your body we will flow through a series of energizing Asanas. Expect different themes, be open to explore, try and fail, overall playful and not too serious.

Intermediate/Weekend - fun, challenging flow with different topics. we might explore one Asana as a peak pose. we might explore movement and mobility, transitions, be open to explore, try and fail, overall playful and not too serious. 

Evening - starting with a strong yoga flow we will finish with a longer gentle sequence and some meditation/ breathing exercises/ Pranayma to end the day



This is a vinyasa playground, an exploration of more challenging asanas. Expect inversions, arm balances, bound poses, play and sweat; stay always mindful of your body and its limits. We may do some pranayama or sit through longer chunks of meditation. Expect yoga philosophy.



Start the day off right by first moving mindfully; waking, stretching and warming the body.  A perfect preparation for 20-30 minutes of guided mindfulness meditation. 



In this class we work on both mobility and strength.  We will hold poses a bit longer, go a little deepr and break down the Asanas.  We will explore and increase active and passive range of motion of our body to give us both more flexibility and stability in our practice, ending with some more Yin style asanas and a short meditation.


This class combines Pilates, ELDOA and Myofascial Stretching to enhance spinal function, improve posture and increase body awareness. The class will start with Pilates to warm up the core and develop the deep musculature, followed by Myofascial Stretching to free up movement, and ending with ELDOA to create space in the joints and soothe the nervous system.​

ABS, ASS, PELVIC FLOOR+more! with 

Striking a healthy balance between stability and mobility for the frame of your body is the goal of this class. We will focus on reinforcing the frequently ignored muscles of the pelvic girdle, the shoulder girdle and the spine and stretching those that are typically overused to improve the tissue quality and mobility in that region. The class will end with some ELDOA postures.



This class is designed for ultimate relaxation of the nervous system, hydration of the joints and improved blood circulation and tissue quality. After gently warming up the body, you will take your time in the stretches for the Myofascia and then progress slowly through ELDOA postures.



Advanced Pilates mat class for people with a strong Pilates practice.  This is a fast paced class taught in the classical style, respecting the original order and technique designed by Joseph Pilates. If you aren't sure if this class is suitable for you, contact Sarah at and  chat about it!

*This class is not suitable for beginners or anyone with pain and injuries*



ASHTANGA YOGA SHALA - Dieffenbachstraße 36, 2HH, 1 OG

HAR YOGA STUDIO - Urbanstraße 116, Treppenhaus 5, EG

KREUZBERG YOGA - Lübbener Straße 9, HH, 1 OG

W60 YOGA - Winsstraße 60, HH, EG


All classes are taught on a drop in basis, so no need to preregister

Drop-in/Trial Class - 14/10*

10-class card 110

30 day unlimited - 75/65* or the Cygnet trial cards €40/30 days exclusively for people new to Swanmountain Yoga.

*Student/Hartz IV

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